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Vin - Storm Ecological Bacteria Group

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**Limited product**

Contains: OYK original bacteria powder, comprehensive algae powders, micro-organisms powders and shrimp growth elements.

Functions: Quickly strengthen nitrification system, stabilize water quality and build excellent ecology.

Usage: Stir some tank water and Storm EBG together then add into tank. Or evenly sprinkle into tank. A flat spoon corresponds to 100 litres of water. New tank can directly use it while change water can be added again.
Daily Maintenance: every three days add one-third of amount. Use with Storm Bacteria and Activator together for better effects.

Note: After opening, Please avoid direct sunlight and humid environment.

Net weight 35g. Comes with small spoon for dosing. (Doses per 100 litres are a fraction of a proper teaspoon, so the small spoon is recommended.)