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Desert Scorpion Juvenile - Urodacus yaschenkoi

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Urodacus yaschenkoi

This is a single unique item. Photos are of actual individual scorpion for sale.

Handle with care: This animal is mildly venomous. Whilst stings generally only cause localised swelling and pain, those allergic to spider and bee venom may have severe reactions. Urodacus yaschenkoi is known to spray venom in rare cases when agitated. Direct handling of this species is not recommended. 

Urodacus yaschenkoi is also known as the Inland or Desert Scorpion. As the name suggests, this species is naturally found in the arid inland areas of Australia. In the wild, this scorpion digs deep burrows to reach moisture and cooler temperatures, as the desert surface can be very hot during the day. At night it comes out to feed when the desert cools down.

This scorpion was received as an unsexed juvenile Urodacus yaschenkoi that needs to be re-homed. 

Tips for Care

  • Heat is generally not required, they naturally become less active during winter if kept cool.
  • Moist sand/coco fibre mix substrate is recommended. Spray the enclosure to ensure it stays moist. 
  • Adults scorpions do not need to feed often, check on them to remove and replace dead/left over crickets/roaches. 
  • Scorpions are not short lived pets- this species can live up to 8 years or more.
  • Do not house this scorpion with other animals or scorpions.

It is the buyers responsibility to be fully prepared to receive scorpions and care for them to ensure success. If you are unsure or are new to scorpions, there are many resources if you look up this species.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns. We do not have a care sheet specifically made due to this species not being regular on our store.